Opportunism and the Written Word: Keys to Success in Marketing, PR, and Business Development.



I’m a tech savvy opportunist with experience in real world and Digital Marketing, Writing, Product Evangelism, Business Development and PR. Knowing how to spot opportunities along with writing prowess is at the core of a marketer’s success.

In the context of my philosophy, Google is your best friend. Show me a page of search results, and I’ll figure a way in to the majority of them.

Whether it be:

  • Pitching a conference with an idea to sponsor  their event via a trade or offering to their attendees.
  • Spotting an influencer at the right moment and reaching out to them, offering to write a guest post for their blog or inviting them to write one for yours.
  • Reading an article and pitching the writer with the right story angle and securing a placement.
  • Identifying an analyst on an industry LinkedIn group, reaching out with a 2 line message, and securing a briefing with your CEO.
  • Writing an article or story that touches audiences.
  • Responding to a comment in an industry forum, bringing some insight into the conversation, dropping a link to content that I authored, and driving tens of thousands of unique visitors back to a website and having a portion of them convert.
  • Spotting a quote by a corporate decision maker in an article and reaching out to them with an email or phone call to pitch them your product, a sponsorship idea or an alliance opportunity.

This way of thinking allowed me to break one of my clients into a sales channel dealing with the Canadian government’s cloud initiative.

The sky is the limit. I’ve had some success in all these scenarios and am seeking more of it. I look forward to hearing from someone who can see the value in what I’ve written above.

To start my career, I was a Director of Store System Infrastructure for a MAJOR NYC retailer, so I know technology. I slowly migrated to marketing and sales while dabbling in the live music and event business for 15+ years, working with music moguls and a slew of artists, including Israeli stars . I’ve used opportunism to identify companies to sell technology services. I’ve used my opportunistic mindset to place artists in International festivals and events drawing tens of thousands of people.  I’d like to secure the same type of visibility for Israeli companies. A goal-oriented and strong work ethic coupled with my experience at both Fortune 500 and 100 companies has given me what I need to get things done.

Please feel free to contact me if interested in having a conversation. Thanks for your time.


Alex Gutman


Power of the Written Word and Opportunistic Outreach

Click for Writing Samples and Secured Press

IT Infrastructure, Business Service Management, Crowdsourcing, SaaS/PaaS, Landing Page/Conversion Rate Optimization, Mobile, Ecommerce, Events and Good Ol’ Rock N’ Roll…Click on the outlet logo to get to the article..Click here for some samples in my portfolio


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jpost_logo1Every organization needs a writer. Everyone needs an opportunist, someone who sees through the ever-growing digital forest and can identify outreach opportunities, develop an angle, create a pitch, pitch it and score a placement. These targets run the gamut from analysts and media folks to influencers and CEOs.

It can be a message as subtle as a one liner in a private message on LinkedIn to score a briefing by a top analyst

Dana Gardner, President and Principal Analyst

It can be to pique the interest of a major influencer to author and secure a guest post on their blog.

Brian Massey, The Conversion Scientist

It can be a tailored pitch for a mention in a top marketing trade magazine cover story. 



I want to work for an organization that sees the value in what I just wrote above. I want to make a difference. I will do everything in my power to put you, your product or idea in the Limelight, digitally or in person. I like the mix of cyber and human interaction so positions involving the LIVE element are also welcome. I am an effective live lead generator.

A short time ago a friend of mine launched a highly successful KickStarter campaign for his Dead Sea Salt project, Naked Sea Salt. I was so enthralled with the idea I secured placements in Israel’s big three and more.

ScreenHunter_113 Nov. 17 10.20

ScreenHunter_113 Nov. 17 10.51

ScreenHunter_114 Nov. 17 10.56

ScreenHunter_115 Nov. 17 11.10

ScreenHunter_116 Nov. 17 11.21


My writing also runs the gamut from Sponsorship and Sales Letters, Pitches, Press Releases, Marketing and Email copy (B2B, B2C), Blogging to ByLine Articles and creative writing. Some of these articles I secured, some I authored, some both. I have access to thousands of press contacts in the technology space and am quite adept at building media lists from scratch.

Here is an old post that tells the story of the difference between PR and Advertising.

To me, every contact you have (email address, twitter handle, etc….) of someone who is relevant to your product or idea should receive some variation of your message. Every target not contacted is a potentially missed opportunity to spread that message.

Additionally, I believe Google is your best friend when finding targets to disseminate your message. Typing a few keywords into the Google search box and hitting enter will return some highly relevant (and ranked) links to spread the word about your product or idea. Whether it be an article (pitch the writer for coverage), blogger (pitch the blogger to carry your content or for a guest post), consultant (pitch to alliance with you), organization (pitch to offer their members special rates), or Blog (comment on a post) Google, like the world is your marketing oyster.

For example, by utilizing just a social network such as LinkedIn, you can drive lots of traffic to your site. My content marketing plan and strategy on LinkedIn alone led to thousands of unique visitors to visit a client’s page per month (shown below). It is not just about posting to discussions, but getting involved in the conversation by seeing an opening to add some insight and then providing  an accompanying relevant link.


Additional Skills: Social Media/Content Strategy and Marketing, Writing, Full-Scale Event Production, Business Development, Sales, Project Management, Representation, LinkedIn Profile

Thanks for your time and I optimistically look forward to hearing from you.


Alex Gutman

Tel Aviv
NYC → הארץ
Dec. 2009

Marketing CopyWriting and PR


Hi. Thanks for checking out my portfolio. 

Below are some samples of my creative and marketing writings. My LinkedIn Profile. 

My resume in story format is here.

My Philosophy here

I can be contacted at promotionstlv@gmail.com.


The Difference Between PR and Advertising

The Power of the Written Word and Opportunistic Outreach

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Technology Found. Elements of Sound. Marketing Bound.

222177_10150180713083934_509708933_6732563_2013994_nSeeking Full Time Position or Contract Opportunity in a combination of the following areas: Marketing/Growth Hacking, PR, Social Media/Content Strategy, Product Evangelism,  Sales, Sponsorships, Business Development (B2B/B2C)

SEE LinkedIn PROFILE HERE with references. PLease reach me at Alex_Gutman@Hotmail.com

Technology Found


I was a computer junkie during High School, having found a passion for technology via my Apple IIe, that my parents bought me for my 15th Birthday. It was then that I formed the foundation of my knowledge in Information Technology, becoming exposed to databases via Ashton Tate’s Dbase I, Wordstar, Visicalc and the Internet, which back then was known as the Arpanet, developed by the United States Defense Advanced Research Project Agency. I connected via a 300/1200 Baud modem, Kermit (Transmission Protocol) and a phone line that dialed into the University of Maryland’s VMS system (Yes. The phone bills dialing from Queens, NY were very high) It opened up my world and I connected to people globally via a green dot and relay chat and was in constant touch via email with my Dad’s cousin who was head of Tel Aviv University’s Computer Science Dept (Taunivm). I was a Usenet aficionado, and was amazed and enchanted by the huge amount information that was available for FREE. I didn’t realize it back then, but I was essentially marketing in the pre-web world to spread the word to my friends about upcoming campus events using the CUNYVM Bitnet system via email and instant messaging. I even had set up a BBS in my parent’s basement (the connection screech was too much for my mom to bear) on my dual 5.25 inch floppy equipped IIe. I aptly called it the Apple Orchard BBS and after a while had some active users. It was fun. Hey. I was 15 years old!

I began programming in Motorola 6502 Assembly language and Apple Basic and created some graphic games. With my favorite show being Airwolf, for example I created a game that had a helicopter controlled via a joystick and fired missiles on command.

When I entered college in the late 80s, I signed up for a Bitnet account on the computer center’s IBM VM/370 and instantly became connected to thousands of Universities worldwide. My dad purchased a Maxum 286 Turbo (6/8 MHZ) Intel computer for my 18th Birthday that had a whopping 42 Megabyte Priam Hard Drive and Dual 5.25 floppies. I quickly became an MS Dos 3.3.expert. This was before Windows 3.1.

Upon dropping out of Queens College after 3 years of my failed search of what I wanted to do in life, I was hired by a 70 Store national beachwear chain (Sales 80 Million Annually) as a Project coordinator for store systems. On the first day at the company, my manager, an ex-IDF Sergeant showed me 100 stacked boxes that contained state-of-the-art IBM POS registers and said. You know POS? I said What’s that? He answered Point of Sale and handed me a stack of manuals and said here you go. I dove right in, learned the 4680 Operating system that was at the core of the General Sales Application, the software that ran the system. Shortly after, at the age of 23 I was having conversations with senior IBM engineers in Raleigh, NC and I learned 4680 basic which the software that ran the registers was programmed in. For the basic modifications that the company needed, I wrote much of the code and spent a few weeks down in Raleigh in sessions with IBM engineers.

Over the next 8 months or so and 70 hour + work weeks, I had traveled the country, installing systems in over 50 stores, taking fresh inventory, setting up the systems with scanners, implementing communications between the head office in Queens and all the stores, training store personnel, handling price changes, SKU classification and pretty much all that was needed to maintain strict inventory control and sales for a full-blown multi-million dollar retail operation. I spent many nights in the stores, barely sleeping and operating the bar code ticket printers and managing retail/distribution operations on the companies AS/400 – Based ERP system via dial-up modem.

I was in my early 20s when I started at Wings and I had spent a few years at the company, when my former boss told me of an opening at Century 21 Dept. stores (then a booming retailer with 2 stores and sales of 100 million dollars plus) across from the World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan. The position was as the Director of Store System Infrastructure tasked with maintaining an outdated NCR 7052 POS system while writing requests for proposals and meeting with national vendors to discuss requirements for a new IBM based system. The budget for the project was close to a Million dollars. I worked 60+ hour weeks for 3 years and was in charge of every system that handled money including cash counting, the cutting edge hand scanning Time and Attendance system for over 1,000 employees, credit card authorization and the POS system which was comprised of 150 stations that sat in the Manhattan and Brooklyn stores. I was one of the most important employees at the company and the environment was all very dynamic which I thrived on.

After I left Century after a few years of hard (but enjoyable:) labor, I consulted in the area of Retail Systems for such companies as The Gap, Louis Vuitton and Steve Madden.

After almost 7 years in Israel, I am well-connected in the StartUp scene, having consulted well over 30 companies in the areas of Marketing, PR and Business Development.

Elements of Sound

ScreenHunter_399 Oct. 02 12.36

coolphotoIt was right around the time of my stint at Century 21 in the mid 90s that I became involved in the music business when I met a musician in my building on the Upper West Side of Manhattan that I discovered had mutual connections with me in Israel. I fell in love with his band that melded the music of Shlomo Carlebach and 60s Psychedelia. I went on to manage, book and promote them using whatever technology was available with the still-in-its-infancy WWW (Way before there was a term Social Media Marketing) through the use of such avenues as email (for whoever had it) and YahooGroups coupled with real world marketing (word of mouth, posters, fliers and PR), booking and packing venues nationwide. Carlos Santana, Jane’s Addiction, Steve Kimock, Merl Saunders, Israeli artists Ha’Banot Nechama, J.Viewz, Geva Alon and Coolooloosh are just a few of the acts I have worked with, having placed artists over the years on stages in front of tens of thousands of people globally. As new technologies made their way into the public sphere, I would apply my acumen for sensing promotional opportunities via Blogging, MySpace, twitter and Facebook; all the while using writing as my tool to connect with music fans.

It was around this time, that I met a beautiful girl under a tree in Sheep’s Meadow in Manhattan’s Central Park. We got to talking and she told me that I should start writing. So, I began a journey that had a pen flying across hundred of sheets of paper over the next few years while on my global travel adventures and as the road manager for a few bands on East coast tours.

When I moved to San Francisco in 1997 for 10 years, I continued on my music path in a variety of ways, working in various aspects of the music business in Booking, Promotion and Music Production. I also graduated with a BA in Speech Communications from San Francisco State University with an emphasis in Rhetoric and Persuasion, my true passion.

I have also had the pleasure of working for and with some of NYC’s and San Francisco’s top Music Event Promoters and Production impresarios who have worked with the likes of of U2, REM, Bruce Springsteen, Dylan and with whose who had worked with who many view as the greatest Rock promoter in history, Holocaust refugee and the Legendary Bill Graham (discovered Carlos Santana, Managed Jefferson Airplane, founded the Fillmore in NYC and SF) ; taking part in producing events from anywhere from 500 to 60,000 people. This is my passion. To heighten awareness and raise visibility of products, ideas and entities via the written and spoken word; to place them on a pedestal via Sales, Business Development, Marketing, PR. Whatever it takes.

Marketing Bound

Killer Content is Key to Driving TrafficI strongly believe that in today’s Web 2.0 and traditional PR world, companies need a 360 degree marketing plan. I have a solid background in PR, writing, product evangelism and understand how Social Media all ties together so that organizations can enjoy increased visibility and secure goals.

Once I discover an opportunity, I naturally devise a strategy to contact the right person using the right words to make something happen. I’m a big fan or PR and have had much success in a number of different areas getting stories covered. I believe in Organic marketing and while advertising is great, there is nothing like good ol’ fashioned PR. Read this story that will communicate the difference between PR and Advertising.

So, at my first position in Israel in marketing tech, I was doing a lot of content marketing. This was in 2010 and I didn’t really know what I was doing. I was thinking of ideas, writing and disseminating content. They called me the online evangelist. The term content marketing would have made sense if I even heard of it, but LinkBait is what we called it. So, nearly 8 years later, Content Marketing is huge and only gaining steam and rightfully so. But, it must bring insight and new knowledge to audiences. By utilizing such avenues as LinkedIn, Reddit, Guest Posting and coupling it with a compelling content writing strategy, you can connect with your target market and drive enormous amounts of traffic that’ll convert.

When I explain what I did back then, today to interviewers, they say, Ah. So you’re a Growth Hacker. This term did not yet exist. I tell them I don’t know what it was called back then. I just do what’s natural.

Jan 15 Feb 15 Pageviews

I have a lot to talk about and I am very confident in saying that my skills and experience may very well be a great match for what you need, and would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you in person.

Living in the Limelight, on a lighted stage is not only a product’s universal dream. It is also a dream of mine to put one there.

Thanks for your time and I optimistically look forward to hearing from you.


Alex S. Gutman
Tel Aviv
NYC–> הארץ
Dec. 2009

The Difference between PR and Advertising



Somewhere in America :

“Honey, we need to discuss which car we’re going to purchase before the sale at ABC Motors ends”, Tracy said to her husband Tom. “Ok. We’ll discuss it tonight after dinner”, Tom says.

Conversations such as this one can be heard across America every day. Advertising influences decisions like this, but so does PR. What’s the difference? This couple’s story will make it evident.

Later that evening, after dinner, the two took out their respective literature detailing the kind of car they were most interested in purchasing.


Tom was intent on purchasing the new Edelman PRo 4×4, which was recently ranked 1st in its class in fuel economy, handling, safety, and performance in Car & Driver’s 4×4 analyst survey. It was also among the top 3 in storage space, which was a big concern, as all three of their children need to be driven to little league practice every Saturday.


Tracy had her eye on the Saatchi ADvent 4×4 whose full-page advertisement she so proudly placed on the table in front of Tom. Her eyes gleaming, she said “Isn’t she beautiful? A car that big has got to be safe and roomy. And look at the soccer mom and her two cute kids in the back seat with all their equipment. Let’s get the Saatchi!!”

Based on the scenario above, which vehicle would you prefer? If you’re not sure, read on.

TV and radio advertisements, billboards, full-page ads in the New York Times, and signs on public buses are examples of advertising. Companies and organizations pay large amounts of money to advertising companies to create messages to compel the masses to buy, think, read, want, see, do, etc…Nothing that Tracy deduced from the advertisement was factual regarding the features of the vehicle.

Free radio ads, an article in the New York Times, a survey by writers in an automotive magazine, and an auto analyst’s review in a trade journal are examples of the placements a public relations firm secures. PR firms are hired by companies and organizations to promote their products and ideas with facts. All the vehicle’s features Tom deduced from the survey were factual.

The major difference between advertising and PR as described above is that:

  • Companies pay agencies for creating ads and placing them directly in the masses view. There is no intermediary, and no 3rd party to judge that which is being communicated to the public, and is a biased promotion. Advertising promotes a controllable message since it is essentially a pay-for-play scenario.
  • Public Relations is about promoting a product or service by making a persuasive argument based on fact. In PR, a 3rd party often judges the persuasiveness of the argument before it reaches the masses. That 3rd party can be a journalist, writer, or analyst that is educated by the PR firm who is called upon to determine if the PR professional has effectively made their case.

Alex Gutman is a writer, publicist and marketer. His roots are in technology coupled with over 15 years of writing (creative, B2B, B2C, PR) experience. In conjunction with his background in the music industry where he has put artists on stages in front of tens of thousands over the past 15 years, he seeks to take products and/or ideas to another level by placing them on the lighted stage.

His specialty is finding outreach opportunities and reaching out using the power of the written word. This could lead to success as disparate as securing press, a briefing with an analyst, a potential partnership, sponsorship or a joint alliance opportunity. Read more here.

Alex believes that storytelling is a powerful strategy to get your message out to the masses. He can be reached at promotionstlv@gmail.com.

The Pain of NO GAIN: When Programmatic Becomes Problematic


It’s Friday afternoon. You’re sitting in your office in Brooklyn, wrapping up your week surfing the web, scanning the national sports news sites. As the Director of Media for a top sporting-focused ad agency, you want to see what ad campaigns your competitors are serving up this weekend. As you’re surfing, you notice as you often do, that while most of the ads are hyper-targeting you, a 35 year old single male, you’re only being served a combination of about 10 interstitials, banners and a few video ads. One of the ads you’re served is a video ad for baby diapers, A FEW TIMES, so you’re being wrongly targeted. What’s worse is that some of these are your agency’s ads!

Your creative team is paid well and usually works overtime, sometimes creating between 10-20 ads (Banner, Native, Interstitial) a week . For the past 2 years you’ve been harnessing the power of programmatic advertising to not only streamline ad buying, but to cut costs. While you’d like to think you have your targeting down, you still only have 13 unique ads being served to the same demographic.

The Power of the Moving Image Gone Wrong

The use of video advertising is a rather new addition to your ad portfolio and you quickly learn, it’s even becoming more costly and is cutting deeply into the bottom line. You advise your ad team to make only five 60 second video ads for that new ad campaign for Gillette, at a huge expense. You choose to buy ad space on 50 of the top sports outlets programmatically, targeting 5 different audiences, numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

Now, remember you only have 5 video ads. Those 5 ads scheduled programmatically are bound to hit the same targets at least 2, 3, or even 4 times during their pre-weekend surfing session. Much of the time they will not even be viewed once. This is a major pain point for you and countless number of agencies. Your head is exploding. You wish there was an easy answer to this dilemma. You want to go beyond spraying your 5 ads and praying for some views, engagement and conversions.


Bridging the Gap

As you well know, one of the top benefits of using programmatic is that agencies can hyper target their audiences and purchase ad space that will reach hundreds of thousands of specific targets. While this all sounds great in theory, agencies usually waste this enormous marketing reach by serving a single video ad. You already know one of the reasons why they only have a single video ad. It’s darn expensive!! But, also serving the same video ad to the same target or even worse to the wrong target to begin with, pretty much ensures that your ad won’t be viewed. Even once. This is bad news for your clients, and you’ll probably be the one taking the blame. Again.

With the exorbitant cost of creating so many video ads so that you have enough in your inventory, so they are not served to the same target, you’ll be bankrupt within a short time. Fuhggedaboutit! You need to..you want to bridge the gap between the benefits of programmatic advertising and creative. How do you do it? Is it all just a pipe dream?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how the digital marketing community, collectively can turn this nightmare into a dream. Please feel free to comment below.


360° Plan to Boost your Marketing Engines


A Summary of Experience and Accomplishments

  • Roots in Technology as the Director of Store System Infrastructure for some of NYC’s largest retailers
  • Over 15 years of marketing experience
  • 6 Plus years of consulting Israeli startups in a variety of marketing related areas
  • Producer and Associate Producer of events (Celebratory, Conferences, Concerts, Festivals) for over 15 years ranging in attendance from 100-80,000
  • Chief Editor of Online Communications for Fortune 100 Company
  • Account Manager and Business Developer for Fortune 500 Company
  • Creative and Marketing Writer with over 15 years of experience

Below you will find a variety of my services that we can use to mold a program based on your marketing needs and goals. Thanks for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.


Alex S. Gutman


  • Writing (Content, Guest Posts, Blog Posts, Web Copy, PPC Ads, Press Releases, Brochures)
  • Content Marketing Strategy – I will present you with the type of content to produce as well as where it should be disseminated based on your target audience.
  • Tech PR – I have access to writers, analysts and editors across the globe. Let me help you develop a Press Release tell the world your story.
  • Business Development – Let me help you build a roadmap to success by helping you identify alliance partners, sales channels, sponsorship opportunities and key decision makers.
  • Conference Production and Representation – I have over 15 years of event production experience and am a live lead generator.
  • Manage Budgets and Outsourcing – I can not only help keep your budget in order but I can also manage vendors such as SEO firms and PR firms, ensuring you are realizing ROI.
  • Evangelism – Read this post
  • Social Media Management – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram

Personal: NYC Native, Fluently Bi-Lingual (English/Hebrew), Well Traveled, Yoga/Cycling Enthusiast

AdVision White Paper

Advision™ White Paper

Executive Summary

The role that Video Advertising plays in the marketing arena is increasingly viewed by experts to be a highly efficient marketing strategy in exposing products to the masses and capturing leads for organizations. Some of the main advantages of this form of marketing are:

  • Securing the Attention of Customers

Because video advertising combines images with voice, the medium is geared to gain attention of customers. Additionally, visitors online don’t have time to go through paragraphs and paragraphs of text, as they may be busy or too lazy to read, they would rather listen and watch something for couple of minutes to get the message they want. Giving a perfect opportunity for business to pitch their services and portray their message in a 60 seconds video.

  • Easier to Watch than Print

Videos are an easier advertising medium to draw customers to your product/message as they can see features and view it in action. It is also easier to watch a video and absorb knowledge than from printed material which is more time-consuming.

  • More Cost and Time Effective

The low cost of uploading a video combined with its ability to reach the world in minutes is something that can not be achieved in the print world.

  • Longer Retention

Customers retain the visuals of video for a longer period of time and can easier identify messages within video. Videos also are better at educating the consumer than print.

This medium has been making waves in the advertising world for quite some time. eMarketer, a top media site that follows the industry, recently released a report that states that Online video has reached a “critical mass” among US internet viewers. eMarketer, in the report predicted that 169 million people or just over 70% of US internet users will be viewing online advertising video each month by the end of 2012.

Such a critical mass of people can’t help but attract the attention of advertisers and eMarketer illustrates that spending on online US Video Advertising will experience a sizable 40% increase over 2011.

As you can see from the chart directly below, Video Advertising is by far holding its own in the online advertising category when compared to other online advertising formats.

Breakdown of the most common formats in the online video advertising arena:

There are a few primary reasons that online Video Advertising is taking off as the medium of choice in the advertising world:

  • Engagement – The intuitiveness of Ad Serving platforms allows Video ads to be served at the time the customer is seeking information.

  • ROI – One of online advertising video’s key aspects is the amazing stats and ROI. Unlike Television where marketers have no idea where you are, online video knows you are likely to be interested because you are engaged at that moment.

  • Higher Click Rate – Viewers of online advertising video are more likely to click on videos than other forms of advertising, greatly increasing chances of your message being absorbed.

  • User Experience – Advertising via online videos greatly enhances your ability to interact with the viewer. It also encourages your visitors to stay engaged on your website longer and drive more sales.

  • Brand Awareness – Marketers can create a more integrated messaging experience for prospects by placing display ads with a specific call-to-action alongside video ads that include brand messaging. This technique is highly effective in increasing direct response to video campaigns, and building brand awareness.

Artimedia’s advanced advertising technology is based on long-lasting video content analysis (VCA) technology and expertise which includes a broad range of object and behavior tracking, as well as face detection and recognition. Artivision’s core proprietary video content analysis technology has been in use in security installations since 2004, and is powering intelligent sensors and proactive video system in governments, transportation and commercial installations throughout the world.

Based on this core video analysis technology together with the ability to detect change between images, still image segmentation and moving object segmentation, Artimedia has developed Advision, a set of innovative advertising formats which adds value to the Internet Video advertising arena with its machine vision technology and its seamless ability to adapt to the most popular video formats:

  • CelebrityRoll™ Synchronizes ads when a celebrity’s face appears in the video


 Re-enforce brands with a famous celebrity

Premium targeting

Zero content breaks


Zero content breaks

Zero obstruction of meaningful content

Enhanced engagement

  • SceneRoll™ Minimally disruptive mid-rolls placed between automatically identified scene changes


Optimally timed ad opportunities

More ad slots increase exposure and earnings

Enhanced engagement

  • LogoRoll™ Synchronizes ads when a brand logo appears on the screen

Benefits: Re-enforce brands by associating with other powerful brands

Premium targeting

Zero content breaks

The Advision™ Advanced Video Platform is a perfect fit for:


  • Ad Placement

Advision™ offers a full suite of ad formats to choose from. Decide which placements to turn on, how many advertisements to show and how often.

  • Content
    Classify which content is inappropriate for your website audience, and Advision™ will deliver only the advertising campaigns that meet your criteria.

  • Pricing
    Set price minimums per placement type for all your traffic, and/or for traffic originating from a specific country.

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Mobile: Going, Going, Gone.. Goodbye!!

mobileBy: Alex Gutman
Content/Social Media Strategist, Writer, Evangelist/Publicist

If you’re not going mobile, then you may as well say  bye bye….

At this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco, CEO Mark Zuckerberg sat down with Michael Arrington, founder of TechCrunch. The conversation touched on many subjects. One of the most compelling parts of Zuckerberg’s side of the conversation was about Mobile. Zuckerberg said:

“We’re going to execute this mission to make the world connected and build value over the long-term. The bigger question that will define how we’ve done is how we do with mobile.”

Mobile, Zuckerberg said is the big question mark for Facebook, as many of its almost one billion users are using either Facebook’s mobile version or the native apps built for iOS and Android. Further accentuating this move to mobile, Zuckerberg said that users are consuming feed stories at double the rate via mobile using the new iOS app.

His address underscored the need for publishers to offer mobile solutions to their users, if they want to position themselves to compete in this ever-increasing mobile world.

According to a recent Google study, consumers of content don’t like poorly designed mobile sites, and even worse, sites that do not have a site optimized for mobile. While over 70 percent of consumers maintained it was important for sites to be mobile-friendly, 96 percent of consumers have experienced non mobile-friendly sites. This study translated to the simple fact that if you do not go mobile, you are losing out to the competition and will fail.

Brafton, an online news, content and research agency that has been in operation for over a decade, earlier this year released a report as part of their Mongoose Metrics Data Series. In the report, it was stated that only 10 percent of websites are fully optimized for mobile, which means that 90% are not capable of servicing mobile consumers.

Shortly after the dawning of the World Wide Web in the early 1990s, it quickly became apparent that in order for businesses to compete in this new age, they must hop on the www train or risk losing customers to businesses that already have optimized their offerings for web consumption. Remember, this was at the beginning of the www era and there are still many businesses out there that still do not have a web presence.

In contrast, so too, in this age of mobile, it has become a necessity to optimize websites for mobile consumption or risk alienating current customers and losing out on potential others. In short, not going mobile is bad for business. While the cost for creating a mobile presence can exact a heavy toll on a publisher’s development budget, the costs for not going mobile can cost much more.

A forecast by research firm Gartner back in 2010 stated that Mobile phones will overtake PCs as the dominant way to access the web on a global scale by 2013. This forecast rings true today and looks like it is even surpassing the prediction. The forecast also added that users of mobile devices typically click less on a website than users of PCS, contending that the majority of sites that are not yet optimized for smaller screens need to be rebuilt and their content reformatted.

Publishers and other content-driven sites know that going mobile in a native fashion can be complicated and are aware of the costs with all the various mobile devices out there, with each device-specific app requiring much development work. Additionally, giving mobile offerings such tools as push notifications to promote engagement is the ultimate way to give consumers the most complete and dynamic mobile experience.

There are quite a few plugins out there that take publishers and site owners mobile and they do a good job. But, beyond being able to consume content in a comfortable fashion, it pretty much stops there. Facilitating engagement and a smooth dead-simple way to go mobile by providing publishers and consumers with a 360 degree mobile experience is where they all fall short. This is what is needed on the mobile scene today.