AdVision White Paper

Advision™ White Paper

Executive Summary

The role that Video Advertising plays in the marketing arena is increasingly viewed by experts to be a highly efficient marketing strategy in exposing products to the masses and capturing leads for organizations. Some of the main advantages of this form of marketing are:

  • Securing the Attention of Customers

Because video advertising combines images with voice, the medium is geared to gain attention of customers. Additionally, visitors online don’t have time to go through paragraphs and paragraphs of text, as they may be busy or too lazy to read, they would rather listen and watch something for couple of minutes to get the message they want. Giving a perfect opportunity for business to pitch their services and portray their message in a 60 seconds video.

  • Easier to Watch than Print

Videos are an easier advertising medium to draw customers to your product/message as they can see features and view it in action. It is also easier to watch a video and absorb knowledge than from printed material which is more time-consuming.

  • More Cost and Time Effective

The low cost of uploading a video combined with its ability to reach the world in minutes is something that can not be achieved in the print world.

  • Longer Retention

Customers retain the visuals of video for a longer period of time and can easier identify messages within video. Videos also are better at educating the consumer than print.

This medium has been making waves in the advertising world for quite some time. eMarketer, a top media site that follows the industry, recently released a report that states that Online video has reached a “critical mass” among US internet viewers. eMarketer, in the report predicted that 169 million people or just over 70% of US internet users will be viewing online advertising video each month by the end of 2012.

Such a critical mass of people can’t help but attract the attention of advertisers and eMarketer illustrates that spending on online US Video Advertising will experience a sizable 40% increase over 2011.

As you can see from the chart directly below, Video Advertising is by far holding its own in the online advertising category when compared to other online advertising formats.

Breakdown of the most common formats in the online video advertising arena:

There are a few primary reasons that online Video Advertising is taking off as the medium of choice in the advertising world:

  • Engagement – The intuitiveness of Ad Serving platforms allows Video ads to be served at the time the customer is seeking information.

  • ROI – One of online advertising video’s key aspects is the amazing stats and ROI. Unlike Television where marketers have no idea where you are, online video knows you are likely to be interested because you are engaged at that moment.

  • Higher Click Rate – Viewers of online advertising video are more likely to click on videos than other forms of advertising, greatly increasing chances of your message being absorbed.

  • User Experience – Advertising via online videos greatly enhances your ability to interact with the viewer. It also encourages your visitors to stay engaged on your website longer and drive more sales.

  • Brand Awareness – Marketers can create a more integrated messaging experience for prospects by placing display ads with a specific call-to-action alongside video ads that include brand messaging. This technique is highly effective in increasing direct response to video campaigns, and building brand awareness.

Artimedia’s advanced advertising technology is based on long-lasting video content analysis (VCA) technology and expertise which includes a broad range of object and behavior tracking, as well as face detection and recognition. Artivision’s core proprietary video content analysis technology has been in use in security installations since 2004, and is powering intelligent sensors and proactive video system in governments, transportation and commercial installations throughout the world.

Based on this core video analysis technology together with the ability to detect change between images, still image segmentation and moving object segmentation, Artimedia has developed Advision, a set of innovative advertising formats which adds value to the Internet Video advertising arena with its machine vision technology and its seamless ability to adapt to the most popular video formats:

  • CelebrityRoll™ Synchronizes ads when a celebrity’s face appears in the video


 Re-enforce brands with a famous celebrity

Premium targeting

Zero content breaks


Zero content breaks

Zero obstruction of meaningful content

Enhanced engagement

  • SceneRoll™ Minimally disruptive mid-rolls placed between automatically identified scene changes


Optimally timed ad opportunities

More ad slots increase exposure and earnings

Enhanced engagement

  • LogoRoll™ Synchronizes ads when a brand logo appears on the screen

Benefits: Re-enforce brands by associating with other powerful brands

Premium targeting

Zero content breaks

The Advision™ Advanced Video Platform is a perfect fit for:


  • Ad Placement

Advision™ offers a full suite of ad formats to choose from. Decide which placements to turn on, how many advertisements to show and how often.

  • Content
    Classify which content is inappropriate for your website audience, and Advision™ will deliver only the advertising campaigns that meet your criteria.

  • Pricing
    Set price minimums per placement type for all your traffic, and/or for traffic originating from a specific country.

Advertisers enjoy a winning combination of high-performance innovative ads, access to a massive inventory from a set of premium publishers, and automated campaign optimization that ensures the best performance and exposure for your product, brand or initiative. As an advertiser you get:

  • Easy to use campaign management

An end-to-end platform that automatically optimizes your campaigns for performance and exposure.

  • Access to a massive media inventory

Advision™ connects you with inventory from multiple quality publishers with millions of monthly views.

  • Innovative ad formats that get your brand noticed

Distinguish yourself with contextual, memorable, eye-grabbing ad formats that engage viewers and drive performance.

  • Maximum ad exposure

Leverage video inventory to maximize your exposure using innovative and unique technology.

  • Classic ad formats

Enjoy the market standard using Pre-roll, Mid-Roll, Overlay and Post-roll formats.

  • A positive viewing experience associated with your brand

Get your brand noticed for the right reasons while delivering a pleasant viewing experience to your audience.

Ad Networks

Hit the ground running with access to endless media inventory and easy launch and management of hundreds of campaigns on behalf of your clients. With Advision™, campaigns are automatically optimized for maximum exposure and profits.

  • Easy to use campaign management

An end-to-end platform that automatically optimizes your campaigns for performance and exposure.

  • Access to a massive media inventory with huge reach

Advision™ connects you with inventory from multiple quality publishers with 100,000,000s of monthly views.

  • Maximum visibility

Advision™’s contextual and eye grabbing ad technology gets your campaigns noticed.

  • Simple pricing model

Easy flat-rate serving fee per CPM, completely independent of campaign budget.

  • Classic ad formats

Enjoy the market standard using Pre-roll, Mid-Roll, Overlay and Post-roll formats.

  • Fresh and Innovative ad formats

Distinguish your customers with powerful and memorable ad formats that engage viewers and drive performance.


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