Power of the Written Word and Opportunistic Outreach

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jpost_logo1Every organization needs a writer. Everyone needs an opportunist, someone who sees through the ever-growing digital forest and can identify outreach opportunities, develop an angle, create a pitch, pitch it and score a placement. These targets run the gamut from analysts and media folks to influencers and CEOs.

It can be a message as subtle as a one liner in a private message on LinkedIn to score a briefing by a top analyst

Dana Gardner, President and Principal Analyst

It can be to pique the interest of a major influencer to author and secure a guest post on their blog.

Brian Massey, The Conversion Scientist

It can be a tailored pitch for a mention in a top marketing trade magazine cover story. 



I want to work for an organization that sees the value in what I just wrote above. I want to make a difference. I will do everything in my power to put you, your product or idea in the Limelight, digitally or in person. I like the mix of cyber and human interaction so positions involving the LIVE element are also welcome. I am an effective live lead generator.

A short time ago a friend of mine launched a highly successful KickStarter campaign for his Dead Sea Salt project, Naked Sea Salt. I was so enthralled with the idea I secured placements in Israel’s big three and more.

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ScreenHunter_113 Nov. 17 10.51

ScreenHunter_114 Nov. 17 10.56

ScreenHunter_115 Nov. 17 11.10

ScreenHunter_116 Nov. 17 11.21


My writing also runs the gamut from Sponsorship and Sales Letters, Pitches, Press Releases, Marketing and Email copy (B2B, B2C), Blogging to ByLine Articles and creative writing. Some of these articles I secured, some I authored, some both. I have access to thousands of press contacts in the technology space and am quite adept at building media lists from scratch.

Here is an old post that tells the story of the difference between PR and Advertising.

To me, every contact you have (email address, twitter handle, etc….) of someone who is relevant to your product or idea should receive some variation of your message. Every target not contacted is a potentially missed opportunity to spread that message.

Additionally, I believe Google is your best friend when finding targets to disseminate your message. Typing a few keywords into the Google search box and hitting enter will return some highly relevant (and ranked) links to spread the word about your product or idea. Whether it be an article (pitch the writer for coverage), blogger (pitch the blogger to carry your content or for a guest post), consultant (pitch to alliance with you), organization (pitch to offer their members special rates), or Blog (comment on a post) Google, like the world is your marketing oyster.

For example, by utilizing just a social network such as LinkedIn, you can drive lots of traffic to your site. My content marketing plan and strategy on LinkedIn alone led to thousands of unique visitors to visit a client’s page per month (shown below). It is not just about posting to discussions, but getting involved in the conversation by seeing an opening to add some insight and then providing  an accompanying relevant link.


Additional Skills: Social Media/Content Strategy and Marketing, Writing, Full-Scale Event Production, Business Development, Sales, Project Management, Representation, LinkedIn Profile

Thanks for your time and I optimistically look forward to hearing from you.


Alex Gutman

Tel Aviv
NYC → הארץ
Dec. 2009