Opportunism and the Written Word: Keys to Success in Marketing, PR, and Business Development.



I’m a tech savvy opportunist with experience in real world and Digital Marketing, Writing, Product Evangelism, Business Development and PR. Knowing how to spot opportunities along with writing prowess is at the core of a marketer’s success.

In the context of my philosophy, Google is your best friend. Show me a page of search results, and I’ll figure a way in to the majority of them.

Whether it be:

  • Pitching a conference with an idea to sponsor  their event via a trade or offering to their attendees.
  • Spotting an influencer at the right moment and reaching out to them, offering to write a guest post for their blog or inviting them to write one for yours.
  • Reading an article and pitching the writer with the right story angle and securing a placement.
  • Identifying an analyst on an industry LinkedIn group, reaching out with a 2 line message, and securing a briefing with your CEO.
  • Writing an article or story that touches audiences.
  • Responding to a comment in an industry forum, bringing some insight into the conversation, dropping a link to content that I authored, and driving tens of thousands of unique visitors back to a website and having a portion of them convert.
  • Spotting a quote by a corporate decision maker in an article and reaching out to them with an email or phone call to pitch them your product, a sponsorship idea or an alliance opportunity.

This way of thinking allowed me to break one of my clients into a sales channel dealing with the Canadian government’s cloud initiative.

The sky is the limit. I’ve had some success in all these scenarios and am seeking more of it. I look forward to hearing from someone who can see the value in what I’ve written above.

To start my career, I was a Director of Store System Infrastructure for a MAJOR NYC retailer, so I know technology. I slowly migrated to marketing and sales while dabbling in the live music and event business for 15+ years, working with music moguls and a slew of artists, including Israeli stars . I’ve used opportunism to identify companies to sell technology services. I’ve used my opportunistic mindset to place artists in International festivals and events drawing tens of thousands of people.  I’d like to secure the same type of visibility for Israeli companies. A goal-oriented and strong work ethic coupled with my experience at both Fortune 500 and 100 companies has given me what I need to get things done.

Please feel free to contact me if interested in having a conversation. Thanks for your time.


Alex Gutman