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Thanks for checking out this post. Let me begin by saying that my philosophy is out of the box. Taking the road less traveled is not something that may play into your philosophy and I respect that.

However, if you keep on reading, by the end I hope to captivate and inspire you into thinking that perhaps what I am saying is worth a shot in generating sales for your product. It’s a 360 degree plan that is a combination of Opportunism and Outreach and can be applied to Marketing, PR and Biz Dev.

I have quite a good record in both Warm and Cold Calling working for a world leader in IT Consulting services, a Fortune 500 company, Adecco/Ajilon. During my tenure there during the first Dot Com Boom in San Francisco, I broke and managed accounts for the likes of McKesson, Wells Fargo, The Gap and Charles Schwab. I’ve dealt with VPs, IT Managers and MIS Directors over the phone and in person. I networked like mad, over the Internet and in person at Industry events. I brought visibility to Ajilon San Francisco by creating alliances with the likes of hot Job Search startups Dice and Monsterboard. I booked and produced Ajilon SF’s participation in Tech events, bringing brand name recognition and recruited IT candidates from across the board.

Still reading? Good. Just getting started.

Also in a B2B capacity I’ve connected with Analysts for briefings, Sales Channel Directors dealing with foreign governments as well as writers for press placements – Examples

I’m a champion of the trickle down approach. Connect and establish good relationships with the top people in your industry, making them partners if applicable, reward them for their efforts. Make them your promoters.

Every OPPORTUNITY to CONNECT that is not seized is a missed chance to increase business. Every Opportunity that is acted upon is Potential for Growth. This goes for both Marketing and Business Development.

Opportunistic Outreach, Connecting and Relationship Building Leads to


This is Business Development and Marketing According to



While many just see a page of results when they google a term, I see opportunities. Example:

Say, I was Director of Marketing and Business Development for IoTit, a platform that helps companies orchestrate smart product planning, development and integration that empowers them to connect their products and cut time to market significantly at the lowest cost.

For this document, I will focus on targets that will empower me to develop business in the agriculture sector.

IoTit, the platform that empowers you to smarten farming technology.

Google IoT (Internet of Things) Agriculture:

You will get something that looks like the below (Results are Hyperlinked).

  • Bullet Points denote action items.

From this one result alone:


  • I would pitch the writer on how the IoTit platform has realized success in connecting agriculture technology products to the Internet and provide him with case studies.
  • I’d pitch the writer a representative of the company as an SME (Subject Matter Expert) to comment on any topics in the IoT space writer plans on reporting about in the future.


  • I would pitch John Deere ways IoTit can help bring their IoT enabled products to market quicker and cheaper.


  • Ally with Big Data solution providers to explore ways the IoTit platform can work with them, collaborate, and perhaps integrate IoTit with their solution.
  • I would Reach out to every company mentioned in the article above to demo the product and sell them the platform.

  • I would see if IoTit can get listed in their guide due to past success in connecting Agriculture technologies.

  • In the same article above you have lots of relevant articles as shown below. Craft and angle a relevant pitch to the writer on how you helped a farmer achieve exponential group by IoTing their farm technology

IoT in agriculture — sowing seeds of innovation

  • I’d get on the radar of the publication above


  • Create a white paper that covers the top companies in IoT, offer it for download to generate leads. Let the companies know they made the list and let them promote the white paper via their digital assets.

  • Design an infographic that details the various steps to connect their product to the Internet of Things in a flowchart. For the App’s finale include a strong call to action. Rather than doing it all themselves app users will be prodded to use the platform.

  • Within large group conversations, chime in with some insight and provide the thread’s participants with a link to the company’s blog for more info, perhaps present visitors with a custom call to action like signing up for a free demo. This will drive traffic to the site, generate leads and build brand recognition.

  • Content needs to be distributed in groups like this:

Media Audit

Google News doesn’t really return much news on IoTit except for TechCrunch and a few others..A check into my PR database shows a plethora of media outlets and writers to reach out to.

Smart Farming provides big opportunities to transform agriculture, says Beecham

Beecham Research, a leading IoT analyst and research firm that looks closely at the agriculture sector.

  • Connect with an analyst at Beecham research to do a briefing on the company

IoT Needs an Enterprise Sales Channel

  • Break into Sales Channels for IoT projects

  • Partner with a Consumer Electronics giant such as Best Buy to offer them an IoTit Smart bar or free on location seminars, webinars to their lists.

Vertical Farming

  • IoTit should include a case study and secure some coverage on the site above as well as partner with associations like these:

National Farmers Union

  • I’d reach out to to every Agriculture Association in the world. The above is just one.

  • You can spend days on this site picking it apart, looking for leads, pitching the association’s members to join a free webinar about IoT and its impact on farming for example.

NAFDMA Means Business

  • I’d offer North American Farmers’ Direct Marketing Association, Inc. a group discount for any members who’d like to use the IoTit platform

  • I’d make the case how using the IoTit platform can increase member’s’ bottom line and suggest we work on a podcast for their members or an interview


  • I’d connect with the editor to see if we can guest post or offer an SME who can comment on current IoT news.


The next big thing in agriculture is the continuing development of “the internet of things,” he says.

That’s been the case for
Chuck Myers, a Nebraska corn and soybean grower and longtime leader in the industry.

  • I would Contact Chuck Myers. He’s a leader. Influence the influencer.

The Internet of Things: 10 Useful Products You Must Try in 2016

  • Use #5 as an example of sports clothing manufacturers that I would contact to use the IoTit platform to connect their products

Internet of Things World Forum 2016

  • Tradeshow Sponsorships

    • I’d design a Free app or offer a 1 month free trial to attendees in return for signage and other exposure at the tradeshow. The App would show users the way (soup to nuts) to make something IoT friendly..Then conclude with a presentation of how IoTit can manage it all. I’d try to get the IoTit logo here:


    • Secure Speaking Opportunities
    • Keynotes and Speakers

    • I’d make sure that all speakers know about IoTit

Top 10 Greatest Tech Gadgets Parents Need

  • I would contact the manufacturers listed in articles such as the one above to let them know about IoTit and how it can speed the time to market for their products and cut costs.

IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things 2016

  • I’d make sure all the keynote speakers mentioned in the program were aware of IoTit

  • I would pitch conferences such as the one above for someone from IoTit to speak about a topic

Media and Press

  • I would try and secure articles about IoTit in each of these magazines mentioned in the link above

11 Analysts Shaping the Discussion at The Internet of Things World

  • Reach out to the Analysts, try and secure a briefing

Smart products, smart makers

    • Besides getting into this publication above, I’d look to sell manufacturers the platform to create smart products. Present to them. Widen the net and let your product get exposure by pitching key influencers in the IoT space and let it trickle down to others in the IoT arena.

Smart Waste Bins on the Streets of Berlin

  • Research manufacturers of these smart trash bins and sell them the IoTit platform

Smart Cities

    • Become a preferred platform for City IoT initiatives and work with their manufacturers to provide them with a simple way to Smarten their products

Feds offer ways to make Internet of Things more secure

    • I would pitch the writer of this article to present a company representative as a Subject Matter Expert and how the IoTit platform can solve security issues. You can also pitch the writer to quote a company SME in articles related to IoT or smart products.

The aforementioned were just examples of what I would do in a Marketing/Business Development Capacity for your product. Each result triggers an action and the possibilities are endless!


Every OPPORTUNITY to CONNECT that is not seized is a missed chance to increase business. Every Opportunity that is acted upon is Potential for Growth. This goes for both Marketing and Business Development.

Opportunistic Outreach, Connecting and Relationship Building Leads to


And that’s Marketing and Business Development According to


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