I am ultimately seeking a Full Time position and would also be open to contracting opportunities.

A writer at the core, I am an unboxed, passionate full stack marketer with roots in tech, knowledgeable and experienced with all aspects of modern marketing.. My passion is finding opportunities to spur growth and hack away in a wide variety of ways. Guest Posting, PR, Evangelism, Sponsorships, Influencer Marketing, whatever it takes.

To get in touch please feel free to contact me at Alex_Gutman@Hotmail.com

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The below portfolio is just one aspect of how I can help companies looking to grow their brand and heighten awareness.

More creative writing samples (ie..Travel Writing) can be provided upon request..


The Pain of NO GAIN: When Programmatic Becomes Problematic

The Difference Between PR and Advertising

Press Releases

Press Release for Ubertesters – Designed and Written

Press Release for Ai.Type – Designed and Written

Content Marketing Examples/Articles – Evolven. IT Infrastructure.

Here is an image of Google Analytics highlighting how much traffic I was able to drive, by disseminating content I wrote.


Top IT Operations Analysts

7 Excellent Virtualization Infographics

Change Management Challenges in Today’s Complex IT Landscape

Control and Agility in IT: BSM Review Interviews Evolven CEO Sasha Gilenson

Configuration Management to Keep Virtualization On Target




Secured Press

Get World Cup 2014 Match Times on Your Keyboard – Press Secured for AI.Type

EMEA CEOs: Ubertesters – Press Secured for Ubertesters

Rush to the Cinema – Press for Award Winning Film Debut I produced and secured Heineken Sponsorship for

Ray turns Android phone into device for the blind – CNET

And to all a good night – NY Times – Matzah Bowl that I produced

The Sound is Rural, The Setting Urban – NY Times – Mention of Citigrass, a band I managed

Small Businesses enlarge Their Game – Direct Marketing News – Press Secured for Pluralis

Putting the Environment on the Table – Jerusalem Post

Marketing Dead Sea salt – in 15 exotic flavors – Ha’Aretz

Salt of the Lowest Place on Earth – Times of Israel

Project RAY Smartphones for People with Vision Loss – Engineering.Com

APM Digest: Shifting to Analytics Driven Management for IT Operations – Secured and Ghostwritten by me

BSM Review: Interview with Evolven CEO, Sasha Gilenson Secured for Evolven CEO

Case Studies

LastMinuteTravel Takes the Lead as a Data-Driven Business

Cooladata Delivers a Competitive Edge for the Webcollage Platform

Guest Posts: I wrote all, pitched and secured many of these. 

How a Brand Protection Tool Can Protect Your Brand and Customers

Protecting your Brand on the Wild Wild Web

How Should Brands Deal with the New gTLDs

MemeBurn: Brand Protection Technology: What is it and how does it work?

Conversion Scientist’s Blog: Who Should Consider Crowdsourced Conversion Rate Optimization

Guest post I wrote on behalf of Ran Rachlin, Founder of Ubertesters: Page 34 Mobile App Testing: To IN Source or OUT Source, that is the question.

The Top Five Threats to Online Branding – Marketing Profs

Five Questions to Help You Decide Whether You Need a Brand-Protection Tool – Marketing Profs

Managing your Online Brand Reputation

Ghostwritten on Behalf of Appsee – Just a sample of a few. I also pitched and secured most of these.

How to Maximize Your Mobile App Marketing with Social Media – Jeff Bullas


Where mobile fits in the marketing funnel sandwich – Mobile Marketer

Personalization: The Pillar of the Mobile User Experience – UX Magazine

How to Grow Your Mobile App Retention – Apptamin Blog

Key visual mobile metrics to improve your app’s design success – The Next Web


How studying mobile user behavior impacts app marketing – memeburn

Understanding User Behavior via Visual In-App Analytics – online-behavior

Venture Beat Articles

Marketing Profs Articles

App UX analytics: success relies on going beyond the numbers – Econsultancy

– Internal Blog

Additional Content

appsee EBooks

QR Droid Zapper EBook

Business 2 Community

Unifying Data Sources Across the Customer Journey: Key to Seeing the Complete Picture

Powering the Shopper Experience via Behavioral Insights

Real Time Analytics: Key to Discovering the WHY of User Behavior

3 Critical Decisions you Need to Make to Reach eCommerce Stardom

Social Media: With the Benefits Come the Risks in Protecting Your Brand

The Importance of Protecting Your Brand in 2015 and Beyond

Protect Your Brand: Maximize your Marketing Budget by Fighting Online Counterfeiting

Increase Your Brand’s ROI By Combating Online Counterfeiting

PPC Violations: How they Harm your Brand (And What You Can Do to Stop It)

How a Brand Protection Tool Can Protect Your Brand and Customers

Website Personalization: The Pillar of Conversion Optimization

Smart Insights – Written and Secured

Implementing an Online Brand Protection programme: questions you need to ask 

Managing your Online Brand Reputation in search engines, social media and publisher sites 

Cooladata – Authored all content below

Webcollage Case Study

Connect the Data Dots and Discover What Drives Trader Behavior – FinTech eBook

The True Story of your Shopper’s Journey to Purchase – eCommerce eBook

Unifying Data Sources Across the Customer Journey: Key to Seeing the Complete Picture – Business2Community

Propelling Data-Driven Decisions with Real-Time Analytics – Datamation

Behavioral Segments: The Secret Sauce of Analytics – Blog Post

Loom Systems – Blog Post

4 Questions you Need to Ask Before Choosing an AIOps Solution